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I have less respect for men who have long hair. Get a normal haircut, weirdo.

Benefits of long hair:
-Save money
-The power of the man bun
-Girls dig it

yes but also boys with long hair might let you braid it and put bows on the ends so how can you be angry about that

I fucking love guys with long hair. 😍😍

I guess majority rules. Fuck yeah

Can life not be complicated please?




imagine if they named a disease after your url

oh god

i think i have my disease ://

Mine is a cure bitches



So I went to see twenty one pilots Friday and let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful concerts i have ever attended. It was uncomfortable and lonely at first because I went by myself but when they began to play, I felt so happy. When they played “House Of Gold” i felt this nice feeling and I didn’t cared that i was by myself surrounded by 20 and 30 year olds. They stopped mid songs often so Josh could crowd surf with his drum set. Tyler’s voice was the softest thing. Especially when he said things like
•”i’m just a guy that likes to make weird music and playing it with my best friend over there.”
•”we’ve toured with bands before that throw the ‘f-word’ around to you all and growing up, I lived in a family household that let the word fly out. we are trying to make you remember this night, but not like that.” or
•”I’m gonna be honest with you guys.. we don’t know how dress on tour.” ((Josh was shirtless with running shoes and Tyler was wearing a black blouse buttoned up all the way to his neck and some black dress shoes.))
these two guys seem like load of fun to be around. Towards the end when they played “Guns For Hands”, Tyler told a guy in the public he was gonna take his shirt off and jump off the piano while making eye contact with him. He said for all of us to grab a piece something and swing it around in the air. Tyler and Josh climb onto a plywood with drums and let the crowd take them around.
There was so much more but honestly it was something that made me sad when it ended.

i get to see them again soon, whoo.




joker isn’t racist, he kills everyone

joker isn’t sexist, he thinks everyone that’s not him isn’t important

joker isn’t homophobic, he’s doesn’t like the batfamily in general, straight or gay or what have you

if the joker is a better person that you are, you need to reevaluate yourself

If I remember well, there’s a crossover where The Joker and Red Skull work together and when Mr J realizes RS is a nazi, he totally flips out!



The painting on the right is the one of the first paintings I ever made when I was 15. At the time I was still trying to figuring out my style and I was trying to make a comic book but realized I wasn’t talented enough to finish it. I love seeing it on my wall, always reminding me how far I’ve come as an artist. #followyourdreams


you can tell a movie is going to be a shitty, forgettable comedy when the font they use for the movie’s title in advertisements looks